Sep 24, 2019


Erich Korngold’s Die tote Stadt was originally premiered both at the Stadtheater Hamburg and in Cologne on December 4, 1920.

Kasper Holten’s striking version was premiered in Helsinki on November 26, 2010, and the production was repeated in November 2013. The third production of Holten’s work took place at the New National Theatre, Tokyo, in March 2014.

The opera in three acts features Mika Pohjonen as the main protagonist, Paul Schott, a man cultivating the memory of his dead wife.

Jukka-Pekka comments, “it is amazing that the twenty-two year old Korngold could write such an overwhelmingly rich score, and that its emotional content is so mature. The score is fascinating: it features the rich colours of the composer, and is completely unique. It’s quite different from any Romantic work; it is not reflective, and the composer has a very individual way of treating the melodies and the harmonies. It is also one of the most rhythmical scores I have ever seen, and is a huge challenge for the conductor, singers and orchestra to pull together”.

The performances are on October 5, 9, 11, 16 and 18th at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet in Helsinki.