Sep 1, 2015


Photo © Felix Broede
Jukka-Pekka heads to Lahti and the Sibelius Festival 2015 for one concert on Friday 4 September with the Sinfonia Lahti. All Sibelius´ symphonies – amongst other works by the composer – will be performed by 5 different Finnish conductors over the weekend, played by 3 different orchestras. Jukka-Pekka will be conducting the 1st and 5th symphonies.

“I would be very interested as an audience member at this festival to hear all Sibelius´ symphonies being performed by Finnish conductors who all have such different backgrounds and experiences.

I´m very interested to perform precisely these two symphonies which are from two completely different periods of Sibelius´ life.

No. 1 is overwhelmingly extrovert, full of compelling expression, and then there is No. 5, which is a result of an enormous effort to forge material which he wasn´t quite sure how to put together in order to create a symphony.

I´m particularly happy to include the almost Webernian “The Bard”, one of the minimalistic masterpieces of Sibelius” he says.