Dec 1, 2014

STRAUSS/BRUCKNER – Theater am Marientor, Duisburg, Germany

27 November 2014
WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne, Paul van Zelm

“Saraste does not build Bruckner 7 like a resonant cathedral, but rather lets the “large symphonic snake”, as it was named by the music critic Eduard Hanslick (1825-1904), run past the listener without any excess pathos or dynamics. […] Saraste´s sober interpretation does not lack force nor spatial width. And Bruckner´s instrumentation mastery is even clearer thanks to every single bar’s clarity of sound.“

“It is fascinating, how softly the slow movement of Bruckner subsides with the sound of the Wagner tubas, and how distinctively yet smoothly the strings react to that. Saraste holds the brass instruments under control, so that he manages to create an almost perfect balance between the instrument groups. And that without any loss of greatness and vigour.”

29 November 2014
Pedro Obiera, WAZ