Nov 8, 2019


4 November 2019
Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra & Norwegian National Opera Orchestra, Oslo Philharmonic Choir, Norwegian National Opera Chorus & childrens choir

“Jukka Pekka Saraste demonstrated a liberating musical serenity, allowing Mahler’s genuine message to take centre stage. The Finnish Conductor was concise and secure at all times, a necessary condition for this work to be successful. The strings played with breathtaking beauty, and the expression of the winds shifted from sweetness to raw power as needed. The finale was formidable, eliciting an overwhelming response from the audience. 

The effect of Mahler’s Eighth Symphony is deeply persuasive when everything works, when we as listeners experience that the multiple elements that make up our existence each has its own place. This lends inspiration, reflection, and insight. We need more of this.”

6 November 2019
Espen Selvik,