Sep 20, 2018


“It felt as if one was caught in a musical landslide. Chunks of sound, shredded motifs, stylistic citations were hurled across the hall, and the way in which the conductor and the orchestra did not attempt to tame this confusion, but rather enjoyed it, wielded an elementary, fascinating power..”

14 September 2018
Susanne Kübler Tages-Anzeiger Zürich

“Mahler’s Ninth Symphony … was able to open further doors into a transcendental world… But when death finally became inevitable, it was of such supernatural, sublime beauty that one was loath to applaud at all after the last fading sounds… Yet, after a quiet moment of introspection, the members of the orchestra and conductor were duly celebrated – and rightly so. Certainly not a light, easily digestible concert evening – but eminently worthwhile!”

12 September 2018
Kaspar Sannemann, oper aktuell