Sep 6, 2018

Beethoven: Symphonies 4&5

Profil – PH17084

“An air of faint enigma has always wafted around Saraste. His image of Beethoven, however, is captivating due to its unity, compactness, decisiveness. These qualities of conceptual clarity can also be traced back to the exemplary state of his orchestra…. Saraste’s ability to conjure elastic details from the closely woven parts of the Fourth, which otherwise leaves little space within its dense fabric, is amazing. It’s very good work with a great sense for detail, without losing sight of the whole. We are presented with a conductor who has his own approach to Beethoven. Saraste proves here that there is still juice in these too-frequently-squeezed lemons.”

Kai Luehrs-Kaiser, FonoForum, September 2018

“Saraste’s detailed and unforced conducting and the first rate playing of the WDR Symphony Orchestra make this a most successful CD, all the more so because of the excellent sound quality.”

Remy Franck, Pizzicato, June 2018