Nov 22, 2013

Wagner/Schumann/Brahms – Stuttgart Liederhalle, Germany

“The Brahms interpretation of Saraste and his WDR Symphony was dominated by a brooding drive. However, the enraptured intimate passages are of at least equal importance to the Finn who conducts very precisely, with immensely suggestive gestures. Altogether enchanting is the Andante, circling in gentle, melancholic lines. At last, one might want to sigh with relief, he lets go of the reigns in the fiercely exuberant Allegro giocoso, in order to span gigantic lines in the Passacaglia Finale with great purposefulness. Gigantic applause and bravos.”

21 October 2013
Helmuth Fiedler, Stuttgarter Nachrichten


“The WDR Symphony Orchestra appeared in excellent form … In the Wagner, the suppleness of the strings and the pure intonation of the woodwinds attracted attention … and with great care and poise, Saraste gradually heated the erotic arc of suspense until it glowed … In the Brahms, Saraste and the orchestra accomplished the feat of reconciling melancholy and assertiveness.”

21 October 2013
Volker Fries, Kölnische Rundschau